July 19, 2024

Writers Guild of America and AMPTP Discuss Resuming Talks

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The Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) recently had a meeting to discuss the possibility of resuming negotiations. However, no definite agreement was reached during the meeting.

The WGA sent an email to its members, revealing that the AMPTP had leaked details of the meeting to the press. In the meeting, the AMPTP expressed willingness to offer more for “a few writer-specific TV minimums” and discuss studio AI use. However, they were not open to success-based residuals or preserving writers’ rooms.

The WGA also stated that the AMPTP did not seem willing to address other proposals from their demands, such as establishing minimum streaming residuals. The WGA emphasized that all the fundamental issues raised by the strike must be addressed in a new contract, including better funding for health care, reinstatement of striking writers, and the right for individual WGA members to honor other unions’ picket lines.

Despite the lack of agreement, talks are expected to continue soon. Both sides plan to resume communications in the coming days after discussing the Friday meeting with their respective memberships. While the mood in the meeting room was described as a little stiff, it is believed that near-term negotiations are still possible.

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