July 19, 2024

Breaking News: Ransomware Attack Shuts Down Emergency Rooms

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The FBI is currently investigating a ransomware attack that has caused chaos in emergency rooms across several states. Ambulances have been redirected as hospitals scramble to protect their systems and launch investigations with the help of cybersecurity experts.

Prospect Medical Holdings, a California-based healthcare provider with hospitals in multiple states, took their systems offline to safeguard them. They are working with third-party specialists to determine the extent of the attack.

In Springfield, Pennsylvania, the Crozer-Chester Medical System (CCMS) has resorted to using paper records after their computers went offline. It will likely be a week before their systems are back up and running.

The Eastern Connecticut Health Network (ECHN) has also fallen victim to the ransomware attack. They have closed various facilities, including diagnostics labs and elective surgery centers, as well as specific departments like gastroenterology, podiatry, urgent care, and women’s wellness.

The FBI is collaborating with law enforcement partners and the affected entities to address the situation. They encourage anyone impacted by the attack to report it to ic3.gov or their local FBI field office.

Hospital cyberattacks have become an ongoing cybersecurity issue in the United States. Just last month, HCA Healthcare experienced a breach that exposed the data of 11 million patients. In October, a ransomware attack paralyzed computer systems in CommonSpirit medical facilities nationwide. These attacks result in increased fatalities and delayed care for patients. Unfortunately, hospitals are often more likely to pay ransoms, which only encourages cybercriminals to target them repeatedly.

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