July 19, 2024

Will Samsung’s Fold and Flip Line Ever Get a “Fan Edition” Model?

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Samsung has made significant improvements with its latest foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5. However, these devices still come with a hefty price tag. As rumors circulate about a potential Galaxy S23 FE phone, many are wondering if Samsung will release a “fan edition” model for its Fold or Flip line. Unfortunately, according to a recent interview, it seems unlikely.

In an interview with Tom’s Guide editor Kate Kozuck, Drew Blackard, Vice President of Mobile Product Marketing at Samsung, discussed the company’s newly launched foldables. While the conversation covered various topics such as hinge design, competition, and adoption challenges, the highlight of the interview was the discussion around a potential FE model for the Fold or Flip.

Samsung’s FE line typically offers flagship features in a more affordable Android device. However, Blackard did not provide any specific details about an FE model for the Fold or Flip. Instead, he emphasized that Samsung is currently focused on refining the user experience rather than affordability.

Blackard acknowledged that foldable prices will eventually decrease. This year, Samsung concentrated on addressing the pain points experienced by current foldable users. For the Fold, this involved making it slimmer, lighter, and more powerful. On the other hand, the Flip’s improvements were driven by the Flex Window and cover screen experience. Samsung’s primary goal is to continue refining the foldable experience. As technology evolves, the company hopes to bring down the price point in the future.

According to Blackard, Samsung believes that refinement is crucial to making foldables mainstream. Once the experience is perfected, the company will consider expanding its portfolio. While a “fan edition” model for the Fold or Flip may not be on the immediate horizon, Samsung’s focus on refinement suggests that future iterations of these devices will offer even better user experiences.

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