July 19, 2024

Twitter’s Revenue Sharing Payments Delayed

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In a not-so-surprising turn of events, Twitter (soon to be known as X) has announced a delay in making promised payments to its users. The popular “Ads Revenue Sharing” program has garnered overwhelming interest, causing the company to need more time to review everything before making the next payout. They assure users that all eligible accounts will be paid as soon as possible.

The revenue sharing program, which was introduced by CEO Elon Musk earlier this year as part of his vision for the X app, aims to help people earn a living directly on the platform. However, this delay in payments is not the first financial setback experienced by Twitter since Musk’s takeover.

Twitter’s financial situation has been a topic of discussion, with Musk himself acknowledging the negative cash flow and a drop in advertising revenue. This delay in payments adds to the list of grievances against the company, including unpaid bills, rent, vendors, and severance.

Despite these challenges, Twitter continues to strive towards its transformation into X. CEO Linda Yaccarino, alongside Musk, will be addressing the company’s evolution at this year’s Code Conference. They are actively working on courting advertisers and expanding the platform’s capabilities.

While the delay in payments is undoubtedly frustrating for users, there is hope that the situation will be resolved soon. After all, if Twitter managed to pay off its unpaid Google Cloud bill, there’s a good chance that those who participated in the revenue sharing program will eventually receive their payments.

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.

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