July 19, 2024

The Game that Makes the Metaverse Actually Fun

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Have you ever wondered about the ethics of targeting an eight-year-old in a video game? Well, in Super Rumble, the new game for the Meta Quest, you’ll have to answer that question and more. But don’t worry, it’s all in good fun. Super Rumble is the best and maybe the first game that Meta has created that actually makes the virtual world of Horizon Worlds enjoyable. Let’s dive into what makes this game so special.

The Gameplay

Super Rumble is a simple game with a twist. You’re dropped into an arena with seven different weapons and your goal is to eliminate the other players. Each round lasts a few minutes and you respawn after you die. It’s a total free-for-all until the buzzer sounds. As you play, you level up and unlock new skills and gear. It’s easy to pick up and play, but there’s enough depth to keep you coming back for more.

A Surprisingly Good Time

While Super Rumble may not rival the likes of Fortnite or Apex Legends, it’s still a surprisingly good time. After spending a few hours in the game, you’ll get the hang of the shooting mechanics and figure out which weapons and “Super Powers” are the best. Plus, the game offers some great hiding spots and allows you to move with both the controller and your body simultaneously. It’s a step in the right direction for Meta and shows that they might be onto something.

Making the Metaverse Better

Super Rumble is more than just a game, it’s a step towards making the metaverse a better place. Meta’s internal game studio, Ouro Interactive, used new tools to create the game, allowing developers to bring in outside elements and assets. This means more visual complexity, interactivity, and fun gameplay. It’s a deeper and more replayable experience than anything Meta has done before.

A Place to Hang Out

One of the biggest challenges with the metaverse is finding things to do. Many experiences are just about standing around and looking at things, but Super Rumble changes that. It gives you something to do and keeps you engaged. It’s not just a virtual coffee shop, it’s a place where you can have fun with friends or compete against others. And let’s not forget the joy of listening to preteens trash talk each other. It’s truly an experience like no other.

The Future of Super Rumble

The challenge for Meta now is to continue building on Super Rumble. They need to add new levels, weapons, and power-ups to keep players coming back for more. Additionally, they need to convince people that the game is worth diving into Horizon Worlds for. So far, Super Rumble has been a hit among players, but it hasn’t drawn in a large audience. Meta needs to prove that Super Rumble is more than just a VR game and that the metaverse is a place people want to spend their time.


Super Rumble is a game that brings fun to the metaverse. With its simple gameplay, immersive experience, and the ability to play as yourself, it’s a step in the right direction for Meta. While there are still challenges ahead, Super Rumble shows promise and proves that the metaverse can be an enjoyable place to be.

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