July 19, 2024

Google Play Services: Exciting New Features Coming Soon!

2 min read

Google Play Services, the essential background service for Android devices, is about to get even better with some exciting new features. While these features are currently in testing, recent updates to the APIs suggest that they will be rolled out publicly in the near future.

One of the highly anticipated features is the auto-zoom functionality. Although not enabled by default, this feature has been present in Google Mobile Services (GMS) for some time now. However, with the latest update, Google has enabled it on the GMS beta version, indicating that its public release is imminent.

So, what does the auto-zoom feature do? In a video shared by Twitter user AssembleDebug, we can see it in action. When the QR code scanner detects a potential QR code at a distance, the feature automatically zooms in. This zooming is likely achieved through the phone’s optical zoom hardware, such as telephoto or periscope lenses. This convenient feature eliminates the need to physically move closer to the barcode, making tasks like setting up devices, such as TVs, much easier.

But that’s not all! AssembleDebug also mentions another exciting feature called “Scan from photos.” This feature allows users to scan barcodes and QR codes directly from saved images, eliminating the requirement to use the camera for scanning. While this feature is still being tested and hidden behind a flag, it may become available in the future.

With these upcoming enhancements, Google Play Services is set to become an even more indispensable tool for Android users. Stay tuned for the official rollout of these features, which promise to make your Android experience even more convenient and efficient!

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